The present project aims at tracing and documenting, through oral history, the intangible heritage of Turks and Greeks focusing in the culture of celebrations of the area of Selçuk, which the Greeks called Άγιος Θεολόγος (Agios Theologos) and the Ottomans Ayasoluk, in the province of Izmir, and it’s village  Şirince (Κιρκιντζές) located 6 km in the east of the town. Turkey and Greece have a long common history, as both populations inhabited the same areas for centuries. This cohabitation was violently interrupted and people tend to forget that they have more similarities than differences.

Aim of this project  is analysing the existing archives, films and literature and bringing out the reflection of traditions to the new generations through interviews. At its completion we wish to create a documentary projected in two events on shared customs in celebrations, one in Turkey and one in Greece, promoting the Greek-Turkish reconciliation.

The project will run between October 2013 – October 2014

8/9/2014 at 21.00 Documentary presentation SEA (Syllogos Ellinon Arhaiologon) Ermou 134, Athens, Greece

Watch the short documentary on YouTube: